Bad form to good form
More often than not, the collection and editing of location-based data is time consuming and error prone. Geographic data and field edits are performed using sketches and notes on paper maps and forms. Once back in the office, these field edits are deciphered and manually entered into the database. The result is that data is often not as up-to-date or accurate as it could be.

Geodexy has proven to fulfill the fundamental need for accuracy and time efficiency for a multitude of industries, at any time and in any place, in a simplified way never thought possible up until now. Learn how Geodexy is set to be the solution that fits your need.

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The Individual subscription level is an ideal solution for smaller organizations or teams that have a single data collection focus with minimal storage requirements. Individual Geodexy subscribers also will receive more accurate recording and documentation than a standard clipboard and pen.

Ex: A single person inspecting customers’ signage for a local sign maintenance company.

Subscribe now
Number of subscriptions per organization
A portfolio contains various Geodexy forms
for field data collection
Templates are pre-configured for creating
industry-specific data collection forms
Custom Templates
Custom-designed template to address
a specifc data collection need
Real-time Data Integration
Ability to send data from the Geodexy servers
directly to external systems
Customer Support
Customer access to product support
beyond FAQs and knowledge base
Base Storage (per organization)
Additional storage may be purchased if needed
Annual Price*
* U. S. Dollars

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