Dear Volunteers,

It's that time of year when we start planning our annual Volunteer Appreciation Week which gets me thinking about the incredible dedication you bring to the kids in our care every day at All Children's. In fact, in this issue, you'll read about an amazing volunteer that I'm sure many of you know – how could you not? Lillian Anderson is literally an institution here at All Children's. Lillian faithfully volunteered at All Children's Hospital since 1977. Many of our current volunteers weren't even born in 1977!

Allow me to take you back… In 1977, Gerald Ford was president. Saturday Night Fever and Star Wars dominated the box office. The Bucs had their very first win (after 26 losses! Ouch.) Elvis played his last concert. And Lillian walked in our door and eventually and eventually began working the front desk. It was 37 years ago and we can't begin to express how grateful the Foundation is to her for everything she's done for this hospital over nearly four decades before her retirement in November. You'll read more about Lillian below. But the astonishing thing is, she isn't the only one showing that level of dedication…

Every one of you has made a commitment to this hospital and we honor your service every day. Of course, we'll honor it in style coming in April. I'm looking forward to Volunteer Appreciation Week and I hope you are too. Stay tuned for details. And keep up the great work. Our kids and staff have come to count on you.

With much gratitude,

Connie Guinn
Director, Annual Giving & Volunteer Resources
All Children's Hospital Foundation

Become the Voice for All Kids
Many of our volunteers have shown an interest in becoming a "Voice4AllKids" advocate. Advocacy is one of the four tenants of the hospital's mission and, as a volunteer, you know firsthand how much many of these kids needs a voice. We appreciate what our volunteers give to kids through advocating on their behalf.

By joining Voice4AllKids, you make a difference in the lives of every child present and future that falls under our care. As an advocate, you are helping to pass laws that protect and improve the health, safety and wellbeing of children. It is an awesome responsibility and one that we take very seriously at All Children's.

When you sign up for Voice4AllKids, you will be contacted by email when children's issues that require your voice are needed. You will be asked to contact key legislators with your concerns through a simple custom email that won't require much time. If you are interested in signing up, please visit or call Anita Lake at (727) 767-2392.

  Vol Spotlight – Lillian Anderson  
With an unprecedented 37 years and 13,363 hours, volunteer Lillian Anderson recalls her time at ACH
For Lillian Anderson – one of our our most prolific and dedicated volunteers – All Children's Hospital practically became a second home. "For a while I came in one day a week, then two. Then I noticed an empty spot at the front desk so I started showing up and watching what they do so I could learn that too," Ms. Anderson recalls.

"I've always volunteered through my church, and in my younger days I worked with youth. One of the girls I was working with came to visit. She had been volunteering at All Children's. She said, 'Ms. Anderson, that's something you would enjoy so much.' I tried it out and I was invited back to volunteer in the screening clinic. From there I moved to several other locations as department heads requested me. I worked in pre-op and what they called the Short-stay Unit." Her longest position was in the Family Waiting Room. "I don't know what to say about that except that I truly enjoyed it."

Richard Placzek and Lillian Anderson
Ms. Anderson has seen a lot of change since her first day back in 1977 – from the staff, to the patients, to the construction of an entirely new hospital.

"There have been some great changes over the years and I watched so much of it happen," she remembers. "When I first started working in the CMS office, the records were across the street in a little white church house with a dirt path leading to it. The nurses would have to walk through the path to get patient records! It's so different now. Something that has always fascinated me about All Children's, is how it all fell into place when the new hospital was built. I watched all those parking lots go up and the buildings. And when they built the Outpatient Center, I watched them hang that catwalk – it swung back and forth a few times before they got it to fit right. That was something to see!"

Ms. Anderson spent a good deal of time volunteering at the front desk. When her close friend Dick Placzek retired as ACH Chief Operating Officer, he joined her there. "I got to work with him for about 10 years. I'll treasure that forever. He's a Godly man. We would share things about church during the quiet times."

"Shortly after I retired in 1997, I began to volunteer at the front desk," recalls former COO Dick Placzek. "I had the privilege of getting to know Lillian. She had already been a volunteer for 20 years. Lillian was very sensitive to the needs of the patients entering the hospital, as well as the employees who worked there. It was not unusual for her to bring in books and other materials that she purchased with her own money to share with patients and employees alike. I count it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work alongside Lillian all these years."

When the new hospital was completed in 2010, Ms. Anderson thought it might be time for her to wrap it up but her coworkers wouldn't hear of it. "I told Ranetta at the time, I don't think I'm going to move to the new building. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but it isn't easy," she laughs. "I just wasn't sure I wanted to tackle it, but Ranetta said, "Lillian, it's not going to be all that different," and Mr. Placzek agreed. At their persuasion I did the tour and it convinced me." Lillian made the transition without a hitch and soon she was used to her new lobby, the entrance and even the cafeteria. "One thing I really enjoyed was the volunteer table at lunch time. We had a 91st birthday celebration last year. There were about three of us turning that age the same year. I really enjoyed that. I couldn't pick a favorite memory. It seems like everything I have done there has been a joy and a pleasure. I was always treated with respect and kindness. I've always had good relations with people and that has been a blessing."

Ms. Anderson found many blessings during her time at All Children's. We can only hope she knows how many blessings she gave us in return.

February is Heart Month
How familiar are you with our cardiology program? 2014 was a year of growth and innovation at the Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Institute. Our pediatric cardiology and heart surgery was named a Top 50 program in the US News & World Report. We also performed our 150th pediatric heart transplant and had the best year ever in successful outcomes for the most complex single-ventricle patients.

We are pleased to share that a new pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, Tom Karl, MD, was welcomed in as a member of the Johns Hopkins All Children's Heart Surgery Program. Our program unites pediatric cardiovascular surgeons at ACH, Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando and our colleagues at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Together we are advancing clinical excellence, teaching and collaborative research.

In addition, in February, we are hosting the 15th Annual International Symposium on Congenital Heart Diseases which brings together more than 350 physicians, surgeons and nurses from more than 20 countries to share their insights, and we are offering advocacy for parents in our Matters of the Heart program which focuses on our commitment to family-centered care.

Currently there are several volunteers working in the heart institute and your help is much appreciated. You can learn more about our cardiac care by visiting, or to volunteer, please call Volunteer Resources Office at 727-767-4254.

Jan Coleman, Lynn Anzalone and Joan Slocum enjoy their gifts
from the 2014 Volunteer Appreciation Lunch.

Save the Date: IHOP National Pancake Day

Grab a friend and stop by IHOP on March 3 for some free buttermilk pancakes. In return, any donation you make, supports All Children's through Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Save the Date: Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 13-17

We're planning a whole week of fun and excitement! Look for an announcement in the mail.

TB Screening: Easy TB Screening Now on CHEX

As part of your annual in-services requirements, you've been asked to be screened for Tuberculosis. This year we've made it easy! Instead of going to Employee Health Services in person, when you log into CHEX, you will be able to complete the required paperwork there. Please watch for a letter to arrive in the mail around the time of your volunteer anniversary date. You will be informed of your login information and how to complete your TB screening online.

Volunteer Shirts and Aprons Available

Remember to always wear your volunteer shirts when "on the job" at ACH. You can purchase a shirt or apron at the Volunteer Resources office for $15. If you have any questions about volunteer wear or anything else related to your volunteer experience, please call our office at (727) 767-4254. We appreciate all you do for our kids!