What We Do

We help clients digitally transform their businesses. Our customer experience-driven approach ensures we build the most engaging and intuitive web and mobile applications for your organization. Our collaborative development process makes certain we understand your project’s scope and user requirements—before we start building. Whether it’s a simple mobile app or an enterprise system of record, CDR can guide you through every step of the digital transformation process.

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CDR’s service offerings cover
the entire digital transformation process.

Customer Experience

With a team of world-class designers, we help clients create intuitive, engaging, and creative customer experiences.

Low-Code Architecture

We have the largest, most experienced group of OutSystems architects in North America. No one is more qualified to help you quickly and efficiently design and build enterprise-grade, low-code solutions that fit seamlessly into your current architecture.

Agile Development

Our Agile development process is designed for speed. Working closely with clients, we plan, develop, and deploy the best digital solutions—in the fastest way possible.

Automated Testing

Developing enterprise-grade apps is one thing. Making sure they work on every platform is something else entirely. That’s why CDR created an Automated Testing team, ensuring the quality of your deliverables, while making certain any changes you make will be compatible on any device.


Our customer support may be unmatched, but you ultimately need to own these solutions and understand how they work. Fortunately, CDR has partnered with the world’s leading OutSystems Training provider (ITUp), offering our clients a complete set of training programs. So you can take over the reins, and do so with confidence.

Application and Infrastructure Monitoring and Support

Launching a new application is only half the battle. You also need to provide support for that application and its users. CDR’s CloudCare is a first-of-its-kind, 24/7 monitoring-and-support service, dedicated to dedicated to both the OutSystems Infrastructure and the applications you built on it. Because when you need help, you need it now.